Options and Prices

Carter PT Options and Prices

Personal training sessions 1-2-1 - Depending upon the clients goal this will be structured different to the clients requirements.

Weight training will be the main focus throughout and a programme will be designed for the sole purpose of reaching the clients requirements and goal. 

4 x 1 hour personal training sessions is £120. 

10 x 1 hour personal training sessions is £300 - plus 2 x 60minute fitness assessments, consultations, nutritional advice, weight training programmes while the client isn't training with me, the option of training twice a week or once a week is available.
I will be able to arrange a part payment on this package. 

Whether you choose the boot camp or the 1-2-1 package the service remains the same. I will take the time to make sure the support is provided throughout the process.

Circuit training session - This is for two people training together at the same time in the gym for one hour. Weight training with active rest in between sets with possibly some HIIT at the end.

Single session - £15 each x 2

Package available - Circuit training sessions for two people, training twice a week for 8 weeks. 16 sessions in total is £400 which works out at £200 each, £12.50 per session each.
Fitness assessments, a consultation and specific nutritional advice will be given at the start and throughout the whole process.

The weekly boot camps - 1 hour (45mins weight training a full body workout with a random HIIT circuit at the end 15mins).

First time is free for anyone who wants to try on a Thursday evening (See events posted on my fb page if you want to attend)

Tuesday - 20:15 Studio 1 
Thursday - 20:15 Small Hall 
Friday - 16:30 Studio 1
Saturday - 9:30am - 10:30am Small Hall or Gym 

Single session - £6 (unless its your first time and on a Thursday)

10 sessions for £50 includes a free fitness assessment, consultation and specific nutritional advice to help you with your goals.
You pay for sessions not weeks so use the ten as you wish whilst using the help of a personal trainer providing nutritional advice throughout.

The fitness assessments last one hour to give me a clear idea of how I can help the individual.

My main focus is to get people the results they want to see, so if I can share my knowledge I hope to help as many people as possible hopefully then we can reach your fitness goal.

This a brief description of the services available from Carter PT at Grantham meres leisure centre, any more questions as always feel free to comment or message me for more information.

Thanks for reading and I'll speak to you soon.


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